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Surname Saturday – Ward (Ireland / Illinois)

My WARD line is one of my more challenging lines.  The earliest known ancestor is my third great-grandfather, James WARD and I don’t know much about him.  He was apparently married prior to marrying my third great-grandmother, Bridget, but I have no information about his first wife.  The only clues come from the 1880 census, which shows James with three additional children, all born before James and Bridget married.

And, for the longest time, I though Bridget’s maiden name was Shevlin/Shevlan, but after some digging and a closer look at their marriage certificate, I’m not so sure; she may have been married previously as well.  A lot of mystery around this family.  Here’s what I know so far.

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Who Knew a Visitation Register Could Be So Helpful

I am fortunate to have many family artifacts upon which much of my initial research is based.  There are two visitation registers in my possession: one for my great-grandfather, George Rottman, and one for my great-grandfather, John Ward McMahon.  When I initially found them I entered relevant family information in my database, such as the residence recorded for visitors.  The past few weeks have been spent fixing sources throughout my database, which sometimes has forced me back to the original source at which point I re-analyze it.  This is where my story begins.

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Saturday in the Attic – 01/16/10

Obituary for Margaret RYAN McMahon, Chicago Daily Tribune, 25 July 1928, p 30.

This is the obituary for my third great-grandmother, Margaret RYAN Murnane McMahon.  It, along with the 1880 census helped me to identify that she was married prior to marrying my third great-grandfather, Timothy McMahon in 1873.  The 1880 census provided the maiden names of the two daughters born to the first husband.  This obituary provides the married names for those daughters.  Eventually, this led me to discover an old friend was in fact a fourth cousin!

SNGF – 100 Years Ago

The challenge for Randy’s Saturday Night Fun is:

  1. Which of your ancestors were alive in 1909?
  2. Tell us where your ancestral families were living in 1909. What country, state, county,  city/town, etc. Who was in the family at the time? Use the 1910 census as “close enough.”
  3. Have you found each of these families in the 1910 census?
  4. Write a blog post about your response. Or write a comment to this post.
  5. Have fun. Learn something!

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