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Bisbee, Arizona, World War II Memorial

While visiting mom in Arizona for Christmas, we took a day trip to Bisbee, a mining town in Southern Arizona.  I wanted to share with you a beautiful WWII memorial that I found located near the Lavender Pit.


A quick search turned up a news article written in the Sierra Vista Herald/Bisbee Review on 1 May 2008.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

Bisbee resident Nick Pavlovich said another project is to build a monument to Benko in Bisbee to honor his exploits and to recognize 75 other Bisbee area residents who were killed in World War II.

The top of the monument will be dedicated to Benko, and the bottom will list all the names of those killed-in-action from the area, Pavlovich said.

The monument is scheduled to be placed near the overlook to the Lavender Pit. Benko worked as an electrician for a copper mining company in Bisbee.


The remaining four pictures show the top only, the bottom only, and the names that are inscribed on the bottom.  I am not sure what the inscription on the top is; it was hard to read even in person.





Updated 05/23/14 – After reading Heather Wilkinson Rojo’s post, Would You Like to Contribute to the Honor Roll Project for Memorial Day?, I decided to write a post about the Illinois Korean War Memorial at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.  Once I posted it and reviewed the formatting, I noticed that this Bisbee post was listed as a “Related Post.”  This was written so long ago, I had forgotten all about it.  Since the post did not originally include a transcription of the names on the memorial, I am going to add them now.

Manuel Abasta, Jr.
Frank L. Adams
John Aira, Jr.
Robert Bell
Arthur Bnko
Josiah Bond
Theodore R. Bozarth
Franch L. Brandon
France M. Branson
Marcus Brown
Blanche L. Busey
Charles L. Callahan
Felix M. Chavez
Charles T. Cleveland
Robert L. Cox
Henry E. Crist
Harold V. Cummins
Jack L. Davis
Billy L. Decker
Dale E. Decker
Howard Dennison
Martin Dodge
George F. Donahue
Jack J. Doughtery
Jack S. Dymock
Antonio P. Escalante
Rafael L. Esquer
Gilbert Estrada
Maurice L. Forrey
Marvin Gale
Gus J. Gaxiola
George A. Glasson
Al B. Goodall
Robert B. Graham
William A. Graham
Horace M. Hill
George H. Holland
Felipe V. Hirales
Ralph V. Hirales
Harvey J. Hughes
Roy E. Hughes
Peter K. Ivanovitch
John M. Lindholm
Tom C. Medigovich
Paul Merrill
William S. Metzler
David M. Mikels
Albert Mitchell, Jr.
John A. Moore
Alfonso Morales
James J. Murphy
Allen Q. Nations
Earl E. Nichols
Anthony J. Nicholson, Jr.
Joyce A. Ralph
Bernard J. Roth
Ray S. Ruiz
Robert R. Schmid
Karl Schandelmerier
James C. Sessions
Andrew E. Sheek
William F. Shields
Charles L. Sotelo
Fred C. Standish
Clarence W. Stemen, Jr.
James W. Stevenson
Alfred C. Stoddard
Dewitt S. Terry
Edward E. Thomas, Jr.
Dominick G. Troglia
Felisandro M. Valenzuela
Paul D. Warner
Earl E. Watts
William H. Webb
Henry N. Wolcott, Jr.
Earl B. Wood
George C. Wylie
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    I was there this week! Thanks for doing the transcription, so I don’t have to 🙂

    November 9, 2017 at 5:36 pm

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