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BIG Sale on DNA Tests at Family Tree DNA!


I love it when Family Tree DNA offers such great sales…it’s a great time to stock up and get those relatives to test in a cost-effective manner! Just in time for the holiday season, FTDNA has considerable savings on all of their products, with Family Finder (the autosomal test) at their lowest price ever—$59! Check out the special offers below:

Product Reg. Price Sale Price
Family Finder (autosomal) $79 $59
Y-37 & Family Finder $248 $188
Y-67 & Family Finder $347 $278
Full Mitochondrial Sequence & Family Finder $278 $228
Y-37 $169 $139
Y-67 $268 $229
Y-111 $359 $319
Full Mitochondrial Sequence $199 $179
Comprehensive Genome (Family Finder, Y-67, and Full mtDNA) $546 $457

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