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Treelines “Getting Started Stories” Contest End Tomorrow

Treelines is a unique web-based tool that allows you to share your family stories through words and images.  There are many ways to use this tool and I encourage you to read the about page.  I also suggest taking a look at what other people have created to get some inspiration on how you can use this tool.

Treelines is running a contest with the theme of how you got started in family history research.  The deadline is Friday, July 19.  You can see my story below.  For contest details, refer to the contest page.

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Treelines Now Offers Collaboration

I received the following email today from Treelines introducing collaboration.

The #1 feature request we’ve gotten is that you want to work with your family to build your family tree and write stories together. Well, today is the day—now you can!

Maybe you have a story you want to write, but your cousins need to add pictures from each of their family albums? Perhaps you and your siblings have unique memories about your grandmother you want to put in one place? Now you can all work together on Treelines! Learn more about these new features! »