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Using the Kindle Fire for Genealogy – Ancestry

(This post was updated on 22 January 2013.  Updates are in blue.  Also note that the screenshots in this post vary slightly from the current version of the app.)

You may be aware that Ancestry.com developed a mobile app.  The Ancestry app (Android, iOS; free) is essentially a bridge to your online Ancestry family trees (public, private, and those share with you).  It’s a good app, and mimics the look and feel of your online tree.  You can view your tree, add to it, and edit information.

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Using the Kindle Fire for Genealogy – Evernote

Kindle-evernote If you have a mobile device and you use Evernote for any aspect of your genealogy research (or writing), you should also be using the Evernote app (Android, iOS; free).  The app syncs with your online notebooks, allowing you to have access to all that information wherever you are.

Even if you are offline, you can access the information that was stored since your last sync.  You can also make changes and add new notes while offline and it will all sync up next time you’re connected to the internet.

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Using the Kindle Fire for Genealogy – Families

I just LOVE the Families app (Android, iOS; $15).  It’s basically a mobile app for Legacy Family Tree (update: both versions 7 and 8), which is the genealogy software that I use.  The interface is very similar to Legacy so there’s not a big learning curve.  You do need to download Families Sync (free) and install it on your computer in order to transfer the files between your computer and device.

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