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Save $30 on Flip-Pal “Picture Keeper” Bundle


Have you been looking for the right time to purchase a Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner?  That time might be now!  Flip-Pal is offering a $30 savings on their “Picture Keeper” Bundle, which includes:

  • Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner
  • Picture Keeper
  • Deluxe carrying case

This bundle is priced at $229.97, but you can have it for $199.97.  But hurry, offer ends August 25, 2013.  Use coupon code: SAS725 to save $30 on the “Picture Keeper” Bundle – Buy Now!

Flip-Pal™ Simple Gifts Blog Hop – Family Tree Photo Collage

A few years ago, my husband got me a really neat Christmas gift, a family tree figurine with little hanging frames for family photos and a place to have it engraved.  As a budding genealogist at the time, this was certainly a thoughtful gift.  But, and I hate to admit this, I never actually replaced the photos with my own family photos, until the other day.

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Flip-Pal™ Simple Gifts Blog Hop – Digital Scrapbook

P1020990 Like many of us, I have several photo albums where the photos are helplessly stuck to the pages.  Removing them can damage the photos and trying to scan a giant (not to mention heavy and awkward) album on a flatbed scanner is difficult and time-consuming.

Thus the beauty of the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner.  All you have to do is lay it over a photo, scan, and move onto the next.  I did an entire photo album in about an hour, while sitting in my recliner watching TV (30 pages, double-sided, 6 photos per leaf…that’s 360 photos!!!).  Sure beat trying to maneuver the album on a flatbed scanner, which I tried to do several years ago and gave up.

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Flip-Pal Simple Gifts Blog Hop – Using the Stitching Software

Last weekend, I started to experiment with my new Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner.  And although I’ve not been able to do much with it this last week (been away for a few days) I have been thinking about what “gifts” I’m going to work on.  I’ve had a few ideas in mind, but hadn’t really committed to any of them.  Since this Blog Hop ends on the 25th, I figured I’d better commit to something, which I will start posting about soon.  In the meantime, I put together a demonstration of how to use the stitching software, which stitches together multiple scans into one piece.

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Share Your Idea for 10% Off Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner

As I mentioned earlier this week, I am participating in the Simple Gifts Blog Hop sponsored by Flip-Pal™.  Things have been so crazy this week, I’ve only been able to play around with the scanner for about an hour.  I hope to get started on one of my projects this weekend, so look for a blog post or two next week.

Flip-Pal™ is offering 10% off on the purchase of a Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner.  To receive this coupon code, head on over and submit your idea for using the Flip-Pal™ to create a Simple Gift.

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