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Genealogy By the States – Week 40 – South Dakota

South Dakota

If you have family that lived in South Dakota, and you haven’t already checked out the state censuses for 1905 to 1945, you must head over to FamilySearch and do so now!

For each of these five censuses, each person is enumerated on their own card that contains a ton of useful information.  The 1905 census has great information, but 1915-1945 uses the same card that has fantastic information, including wife’s maiden name, year or marriage, and military service (with details).

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Why it Pays to Read the Record Collection Description

A few years ago, I remember searching for my great-grandfather’s World War II draft registration card.  I tried every possible combination I could think of between names, places, and date of birth.  After countless attempts, I gave up and made a note of the search in my database.

Several months after this, I was working on family in Michigan and was struggling to find the WWII draft cards for these guys.  Then it dawned on me.  My great-grandfather was also living in Michigan at the time and I was unable to find him.  Was this a coincidence?

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FamilySearch – Another Experiment

Although I have been extremely busy the last several months, I have managed to squeeze in some research time.  And over the last few weeks, I noticed the FamilySearch Record Pilot Search didn’t have any red stars indicating new/updated collections.  The first week I thought it was me, or that they simply hadn’t made any updates that week.  Even though they are constantly updating, I thought, hey everyone needs a day off.  But the following week, again, no stars.  What’s going on?

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FamilySearch – Out With the Old and In With the New…Please, I Hope Not!

There has been a lot of hype lately about FamilySearch Beta.  I, however, have stuck with Records Search Pilot and the “old” FHL card catalog for several reasons, but simply put, Beta is more cumbersome to use.  For all intents a purposes, Beta is supposed to be a mirror image in terms of data (not the interface), but there are some exceptions (see my previous post, A Little FamilySearch Experiment, which includes a link to a similar post written by Randy Seaver.).  I would imagine that someday Beta will be the only tool available and this scares me…a lot!  This post explains some of the concerns I have with Beta when compared to Pilot and the “old” catalog.

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