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What Happened to Genealogy Blogging?


I have two confessions to make. First, I have not read any genealogy blogs in almost 18 months. Second, I spent yesterday going through my blog reader to do some clean-up (so I can get back to reading regularly), which resulted in the deletion of many blogs (hundreds!).

I will also admit that I myself have not been blogging much in the last few years. While I know what my reasons are, I’m curious to know the reasons of others. I ask because as I was cleaning up my blog reader, I was shocked at what I was seeing. After going through about 20 blogs, I started to record some information because I was so shocked, I thought that what I was seeing couldn’t be possible. Sadly, it was. Here’s what I found:

Out of the 350 blogs found in my reader that hadn’t had a post in over 30 days, 63% hadn’t been posted to within the last 12 months! Of the blogs that had been posted to within the last 12 months, just over half had been posted to within the last 6 months. What’s more, of those 350 blogs, over half hadn’t seen a post in over two years. Here’s how the numbers look:

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Hello, My Name Is… Part 1

Name Back in late August, Lynn Palermo wrote an article entitled, New Genealogy Bloggers…Who Are You?, where she essentially challenged all genealogy bloggers to, at a minimum, include their name somewhere on their blog.  Ultimately Lynn pleaded with genealogy bloggers to have an “about” page that tells their audience a little bit about themselves.  Her advice was general in nature and applied to all genealogy bloggers.

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Illinois Genealogical/Historical Societies Using Social Media

**An up-to-date listing can be found in my list “Societies Using Social Media” at the social bookmarking website, Diigo.**

As I was preparing a contact list for Illinois genealogical and historical societies for an FGS publicity task, I made an interesting discovery.  A fair number of Illinois societies are taking advantage of social media/networking sites such as Facebook and blogs.  Better yet, most of them are active, posting all sorts of information including history tidbits, photos, and events.  It also seems that even those who do not have an actual website for their society are embracing these alternative online options.

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Create a Table of Contents for Your Blog (Blogger)

If you’ve had a blog for awhile, you probably have numerous posts.  Many of us who use Blogger, use the Label feature to categorize our posts.  We then use the Label widget to display those categories making it easier for people to find all the posts in that category.  Unfortunately, this list can get extremely long.  Additionally, when you click on the category link, it takes you to a page that produces the full-length posts in that category.  I have been looking for a way to use the new Pages feature on Blogger to display my Label list as opposed to the widget sidebar.  Yesterday, I finally found a way to dynamically (automatically) create this page.

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Carnival/Meme Roundup – May 2009

May’s been a busy month for the GeneaBloggers.  Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

Carnival/Meme Roundup – April 2009

Just what were the GeneaBloggers up to in April?  Let’s take a look.