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Surname Saturday – Hale (Ireland)

The only thing I know about my third great-grandmother, Anne HALE, is that she married Michael CAHILL on 30 January 1855 in Thomastown, Kilkenny, Ireland. I have no idea when she was born, when she died, or who her parents (or other relatives) are…she’s a bit of a mystery. At least two of Anne’s children left Ireland and settled in Aurora, Kane, Illinois (one son eventually removed from Aurora and settled in Chicago, Cook, Illinois).

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Surname Saturday – REEDER (France / Georgia / Iowa)

Mary Eva REEDER (or LASSER) is my second great-grandmother. I am not certain if Reeder or Lasser is her maiden name because each of the records I currently have list one or the other. I suppose it’s possible that she was married once before and that one of the names could be a married name. Perhaps one day I will know the answer, but for now, I’m sticking with Reeder. This family has been difficult to research for many reasons, but mainly because they moved around the country several times.  My direct line ancestors are in blue.

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Surname Saturday–Hänfler (Germany / Illinois)

Minnie HÄNFLER (with variants including Henfler, Hamfler, and Hemfler) is my second great-grandmother. She was born in Germany and married Herman LEPPIN in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.

I previously discovered a possible sister, Augusta HÄNFLER, who married Philipp Zimmermann, and just days ago confirmed my suspicion further with a baptism record for Augusta and Philipp’s daughter naming Minnie Leppin as a witness. Clues in other church records suggest that Minnie may have had a brother, Carl HÄNFLER, and that her parents might have been Carl HÄNFLER and August –?–. Further research is needed to prove/disprove these connections.

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Surname Saturday – Wach (Prussia / Illinois)

Heinrich WACH is my third great-grandfather. He was married to my third great-grandmother, Emilie WIETZKE, and I suspect he died between 1876 (last known child born) and 1884 (Emilie’s child with second husband born). The family is from Pommern, Preußen, and I suspect that both Heinrich and Emilie were born there. Heinrich may have had a sister, Johanna, who married Eduard WICK, but I have not yet confirmed this suspicion.

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Surname Saturday – Mulligan (Ireland / Michigan / Illinois / Canada / Ohio

James MULLIGAN is third great-grandfather. He was born on 7 December 1812 in Dublin, Ireland. By 1850, he is living in the United States. According to a genealogy compiled by my family, his daughter, Sarah Jane, was named Jane after James’ sister. He may also have had a brother, Joseph, who was listed as living with James in the 1850 census, born in Ireland, and the right age to be a sibling. Also, according to the compiled genealogy, there is a note that reads: “James Mulligan’s father kept a tavern a couple of miles from Dublin, at the cross-roads.” Beyond these few clues, I have no idea who James’ parents were, or if there are other siblings.

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Surname Saturday – Ward (Ireland / Illinois)

My WARD line is one of my more challenging lines.  The earliest known ancestor is my third great-grandfather, James WARD and I don’t know much about him.  He was apparently married prior to marrying my third great-grandmother, Bridget, but I have no information about his first wife.  The only clues come from the 1880 census, which shows James with three additional children, all born before James and Bridget married.

And, for the longest time, I though Bridget’s maiden name was Shevlin/Shevlan, but after some digging and a closer look at their marriage certificate, I’m not so sure; she may have been married previously as well.  A lot of mystery around this family.  Here’s what I know so far.

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