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Genealogy By the States – Week 30 – Wisconsin


One of my connections to Wisconsin is through my Müller family from Chicago.  After my second great-grandparents, Emil Müller and Hulda Wach divorced, Hulda married John Severing and removed to Harvard, Illinois, which is about five miles from the Wisconsin / Illinois border.  Emil and Hulda’s daughter Ida, married Charles Brunner, and at various times throughout their life, they were either living in the Harvard, Illinois area, or in Sharon, Wisconsin (just north of the border).


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Perhaps My Ancestors Were There, 1891 Luxembourg Celebration

Many of you know by now that I have Luxembourg roots.  Needless to say, I closely follow the blog Luxembourgensia, written by Fausto Gardini (and own both of his Luxembourg books).  Today, he posted about an 1891 celebration of the Aurora Luxembourg Independent Club.  While none of my family is named in the article, I’m willing to bet that my family was there representing.  They lived in Aurora at the time of the event, and I know that some were members of Luxembourg societies in Aurora.  I also know that they were very proud of the Luxembourg heritage.

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Resources for Genealogy Research in Luxembourg

In September, I wrote about my Link Collection to Various Genealogy & History Resources Online. This collection is my Diigo bookmark library targeted at genealogy. I created a list for each state, as well as a few countries and various topics. There is also a list for general genealogy resources. Over the next week or so, I will highlight some of these lists.

luxembourg Luxembourg Genealogy

Here are a few of the resources I use frequently when researching my Luxembourg ancestors.

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Fearless Females – Social Butterfly

Back in 2010, in honor of Women’s History Month, Lisa Alzo created a list of writing prompts for each day during the month of March.  I didn’t participate in 2010, so I’m going to take the opportunity to participate this year, since Lisa was kind enough to resurrect her prompts for 2012.

Social Butterfly? What social organizations or groups did your mother or grandmother belong to? Sewing circle, church group, fraternal benefit society or lodge? Describe her role in the group.

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