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Surname Saturday – Millett (Ireland / Illinois)

John MILLETT (with variants including Milot, Milett, Millet, Mylett, Mylot) is my third great-grandfather. He lived in Ireland, but may have been born elsewhere. He married Mary RYAN and they had eight known children. At least three of the children left Ireland and settled in the US. I believe I have found a sister for John and hopefully that will provide additional clues and perhaps lead to their parents.

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My Irish Surnames

The theme for the 13th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture is Irish names.

Share with us the surnames in your Irish family tree, but don’t just stop there. Do a little research and tell us the origin of one or more of those surnames, the stories of how they might have changed over the years, or tales of how they’ve been mixed up and misspelled, etc.

Want to focus on your family’s given names instead? Share with us the story of your ancestors’ Irish first names (given at birth or nicknamed later), the “grandparent” nicknames in your Irish family tree, or any other Irish name stories that you’d like to share.

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