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"Uncle" Bob

Dad & Bob

He was always called “Uncle” Bob, but in fact, he was my first cousin once removed.  He was born in 1952, seven years after my dad.  My dad and Bob grew up together and were close, like brothers, hence the “uncle.”  That’s them in the photo above.  It’s the only photo I have of the two of them together.

Many years ago, Bob left Chicago for the warmer weather in San Diego.  I visited him many times.  We’d go to L.A. and visit Disneyland and Universal Studios.  In San Diego, we’d see the sites.  He was a really fun guy.  He was just like my dad, who I lost in 1989.


Bob passed away in 2007, at an early age, just like my father.  In a way, I felt like I lost my dad all over again.  Bob will be missed.


This was written for the 70th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.  Scrapbook designs courtesy of Raspberry Road Designs.

Visiting Aunt Flo

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was going to visit my grandaunt, Flo around the holidays.  I also posted images that I was going to frame and give to her.  She absolutely loved them (I made her cry, happy tears of course).

It was a great visit.  It had been almost 20 years since I had seen her and my cousin, Inga.  It was also an emotional visit, as we talked a lot about my dad and my cousin, Bob (Flo’s son).  Dad died in 1989, so it’s  a little easier to hear stories.  Bob, however, died in 2007 so it was a lot harder to swallow the stories.

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