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FamilySearch: Digitized Records Hiding Out in the Catalog

If you’re like me, you anxiously await the weekly email from FamilySearch that lists all the new historical records added to their online collection. When FamilySearch recently announced the discontinuation of lending microfilms to Family History Centers, I caught mention that all films that had been lent in the past few years were now digitized. Now, I know I’ve rented my share of films and I swear I haven’t seen any of those records come through in the weekly email. I even went out and checked the Historical Record Collections—nope, not there. What gives?

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ALL Databases on American Ancestors FREE, April 6-13, 2016


I just received this exciting news! The New England Historic Genealogical Society is offering FREE access to ALL of its fabulous databases for one whole week (April 6-13, 2016). On occasion, I have seen NEHGS offer specific collections for free, but I’ve never seen them offer their entire collection all at once; this is amazing for those who don’t have access to these databases through an NEHGS membership. You can find all the details in the official press release below.

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Reevaluating Life: Why ‘Friday Finds’ Series Will Be Discontinued Beginning January 1


2015 has been the year from hell (sadly, it’s been the case for many, too many, people).  Sometimes when tragedy strikes, we are forced to reevaluate our lives and priorities.  I’ve gone through a number of tragedies this year and have been doing a lot of soul searching as a result.

I’ve realized that there are other things I need to be doing in my already limited hours (due to health).  Things I once valued and treasured have been put on the back burner, and continue to gather dust year after year.  I need these things in my life, one of which is to spend time on my own genealogy research on a regular (and more frequent!) basis.

Other things that I once found important, I no longer view as must-do items.  One of those things is following and reading 600+genealogy blogs.  Several times this year alone, I have fallen behind to the point where there are 2,000+ posts backlogged in my feed reader at a time.  Even when I do keep up, I have to admit that I barely read actual posts anymore.  I skim through the titles/previews and if a post applies to my interests or sounds intriguing, I’ll stop and read it.  (Those that I enjoy get flagged for my Friday Finds series of posts that I want to share with my readers.)  Even though I don’t do genealogy research on a regular basis (if at all, these days) my interests have changed to the point where there are maybe a handful of blogs that apply to those interests.  That being said, I have, after years of contemplation, decided to clean out my blog reader to remove blogs that do not fit my current interests.  I want to apologize to the bloggers who will be sacrificed in my selfishness—it’s not you or your blog, it’s me and my new priorities.

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