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About Julie’s Genealogy & History Hub

My genealogy blogging journey began in July 2008, with one blog entitled GenBlog.  Since that time, I have started other genealogy-related blogs including Chicagoland Cemeteries; Cemeteries of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois; Who Will Tell Their Story?; and Writing Your Way to the Past.  And although the two cemetery blogs are no longer being updated, managing multiple blogs can be a little overwhelming.

So, I decided to combine my three remaining blogs into one hub and move to WordPress.  Doing so allows my readers the option to follow one, two, or all three of the original blogs, while allowing me to manage just one space.  Think of Julie’s Genealogy & History Hub as three portals, each with a different target, where you get to choose what you want to follow.  Descriptions for each are below. You can subscribe to them individually or subscribe to the whole hub here.


All things genealogy!  If you looking for a well-rounded genealogy blog with advice and news, you’ve come to the right place.  While I do post a fair amount about my own personal research, I tend to craft articles in a way that can help other researchers, whether it’s a lesson learned or information about the process and/or resources I used.  You will also find several how-to articles related to resources, methodology, and technology.  And of course, I try to keep my readers informed about what’s going on in the genealogy community, so you will find news about events, technology, new resources, and more. Originally established in July 2008.

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Writing Your Way to the Past

Because my passion (and profession) is writing, this “portal” focuses on genealogy writing and sharing stories/memories.  I provide advice and encouragement to help you get those family stories out of your head and database and into the world to share with others.  While writing is the main focus, there are so many new technologies that allow us to share through other means such as photos and videos so I cover that aspect as well.  You will also find information about genealogy writing competitions, which I strongly encourage everyone to consider; it’s a way to get you to sit down and write, share your stories/research, and maybe even win a little something on the side.  Originally established in July 2011.

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Who Will Tell Their Story?

I’ve always been fascinated by old photos. And ever since I got more serious about my genealogy, old photos have become a serious passion. My collection has grown tremendously as I’ve salvaged photos from antique stores, garage/estate sales, and eBay. I decided to start blogging about these photos to share my passion with others.  Additionally, whenever possible, I try to reunite identified photos with family.  Sometimes this happens withy my own research and tracking down a family member.  Other times, people find the photo and information on the blog and contact me.  It’s fun to look at all these neat photos and research the subjects and photographers.  Each week I feature at least one photo, providing any information that is available. If you feel a photo is someone in your family, or if you have orphan photos you would like me to post, please contact me.  Originally established in January 2009.

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