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Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery Series Continues With Another Great Book

Just finished reading the book The Lost Empress, the fourth in the series of Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mysteries by British author Steven Robinson.  My love of this series, and the author, started in 2011 when I read the first book in the series, In the Blood.

The main character of the series, Jefferson Tayte, is a professional American genealogist, who always seems to have a genealogical case that involves mystery and mayhem.  Each book is set predominantly in England, but American readers love the series nonetheless.

Robinson writes great stories, that weave the present and the past together to tell a wonderful genealogical tale.  I love his style of writing, his storylines, and trying to solve the mysteries.

If you like a good mystery with a genealogy twist, I highly recommend this series.  There is an underlying storyline that starts in the first book, so you might want to read them in order, although it isn’t necessary at this time (I think the next book will start to unravel that storyline a lot more).

You can purchase all four books on Amazon, in either paperback or Kindle editions.

Transfer Autosomal DNA Results to FTDNA for Free…Well, Sort Of

I just discovered that you can transfer your autosomal DNA test (done through Ancestry or 23&me) for free…well, sort of.  It looks like they are reducing the price of a transfer kit from $69 to $39, which is great news.  As an incentive, they are allowing people to transfer their results for free.  As a result, you will see the top 20 matches, but note that not all the tools will be active (such as myOrigins).

I’ve been waiting for a good sale on the transfer kit so I could move add my husband’s 23&me results to FTDNA.  A cost of $39 works for me.  Unfortunately, I am unable to transfer my own results because my 23&me test is not version 3.  I was pretty certain this was the case, but because of the free upload, I was able to confirm that without spending a dime.  So if you are unsure about whether you can transfer your 23andme results, now would be the time to try it at no risk!


There is an alternative to spending $39 for the full transfer.  If you can get 4 people to transfer their results to FTDNA using a special link, you get to open up all your results and the tools for free.  Anyone out there wanting to help me out, click here to start the transfer process.


Not wanting to go that route?  That’s okay.  To get started, hurry over to Family Tree DNA, hover over DNA Tests and select Autosomal Transfer


Fill in the info to get started and proceed to upload your raw data (instructions are provided for how to retrieve your data from either Ancestry or 23andme).


I hope to see a lot of people take advantage of this deal.  Good luck and happy hunting!

FGS Shows Support of Alzheimer’s Research

I received the following press release this morning about a wonderful event to be held next year to benefit Alzheimer’s research.  This event will be the largest family reunion in history and is sponsored by the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) and Global Family Reunion.  Read the press release below for more details.  Also, check out the video The world’s largest family reunion…we’re all invited! presented by the founder of Global Family Reunion, A. J. Jacobs.

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Reminder – Entries for the NGS Family History Writing Contest are Due 12/31/15

Don’t forget, entries for this year’s National Genealogical Society’s Family History Writing Contest are due by December 31, 2015.  This annual contest is open to NGS members. 

The winner receives a trip to the next NGS conference and their manuscript may be published in the NGS Quarterly

This competition is a BIG DEAL so don’t delay!

All the details can be found here.

Need some convincing to write about your genealogy research?  See my post 4 Reasons to Convert Your Genealogy Research Into Writing.